8 ft doors with 10ft ceilings

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8 ft. doors with 10 foot ceilings is something that I learned from my client. We have been working together for 2 years now and he’s been telling me this all the time. He suggested that, if I want to get massive exposure but just a bit of money, this is the thing I should try.

8 ft doors with 10ft ceilings

The standard for interior doors is 80 inches, or 6 feet. This allows for a 90 degree turn and still leaves some room on either side of the door if you want to put furniture there.

For ceilings that are 10 feet high, you can expect to find 8 foot interior doors. However, they will be more expensive than 6 foot doors.

If you have a ceiling that is 9 feet high, you can get away with 7 foot interior doors. However, they will be more expensive than 6 foot doors.

If your ceiling is 8 feet high, then 6 foot interior doors should be fine for you.

How to determine door size for a 10 foot ceiling:

8 foot interior doors

Standard window height for 10 ceilings

8 foot interior doors are the most common size. Most homes have 8 feet ceilings, so it makes sense that most home builders use this as the standard. It is also the most economical size to buy because they are readily available at any home improvement store.

8 foot interior doors are also known as standard or full size doors. They’re not intended to be used in rooms where you want a lot of light, but they’re great for rooms that don’t require much light such as bathrooms and bedrooms. These doors are easy to install, affordable and work well with almost any style of home.

6 8 vs 8 doors

If you have a higher ceiling, 6 8 is the best option for you because it gives you more headroom than an 8 foot door would provide. The only downside is that it’s more expensive than an 8 foot door and can be difficult to find at local hardware stores. If you’re working on renovating an old home with high ceilings then this may be the best option for you as well

If you are building a house or remodeling an existing one, you might have to decide between installing 8 foot interior doors or 6 8 doors. Both can give you the same amount of space and allow you to move around freely, but they have different advantages and disadvantages.


The first thing that you should consider is the size of your room. If your room is small and there is not enough space for tall doors, then it would be better to install 6 8 doors instead of 8 foot interior doors. They are shorter in height but wider in size, which means that they will take up less space in your room. This can be advantageous if you have a small area where you want to use the door for entering or exiting the house.


Another factor is material used for making these types of doors. Most people prefer wooden doors over metal ones because they are more durable and do not get damaged easily by weather conditions like rain or heat waves from fireplaces etc. Metal doors may rust over time due to exposure to air moisture and dust particles etc., so it is better not to buy them unless necessary

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