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A brand new Ark like the one currently under construction in Kentucky is not something that can be built overnight. Thousands of individuals across the country have donated their time and money to construct the full-size Ark and it is already well on its way to completion. It will come as no surprise to anyone, then, that the Ark Encounter project cost an estimated $92 million to complete.

The Ark Encounter is a new $100 million life-sized Noah’s ark based on the stories from the Bible. It opened its’ doors on July 7th 2016 and since then has attracted huge crowds, not only for its much anticipated Christian theme but for its massive structure and high-quality woodwork. But how much did it cost to build? And Where did the money come from?

Noah's ark theme park in Kentucky to build 'Tower of Babel' | The Times of  Israel

The construction of the Ark Encounter theme park in Kentucky has cost $102 million so far.

The cost to build the ark encounter was $102 million.

The ark encounter is a 510-foot long wooden replica of Noah’s Ark. The theme park opened in July 2016 and has since attracted nearly 1 million visitors.

According to the company’s website, the ark was built using traditional materials such as timber and iron nails rather than modern materials like steel or plastic. The builders used only technologies available around the 6th century BC.

Atheist groups have criticized the project for promoting Christianity but supporters say it will draw tourists to Kentucky and boost its economy.

The Ark Encounter is a replica of Noah’s Ark. The 510-foot long and 85-foot high structure is built in Williamstown, Kentucky, on top of a hill near the border of Ohio and Kentucky. The Ark Encounter cost $100 million to build, which was funded by donations.

The Ark Encounter was opened for guests in July 7th 2016. Guests are allowed to visit the ark for free from 9am to 5pm daily.

The Ark Encounter is a life-size Noah’s Ark replica and biblical theme park in Williamstown, Kentucky. The park was built in 2014 by Answers in Genesis (AiG), a Young Earth Creationist ministry led by Ken Ham. AiG also built the Creation Museum in nearby Petersburg, Kentucky.

The ark was built in a $100 million project that included a petting zoo, gardens, and a zip line. The project was funded through donations from around the world as well as loans from local banks and public bonds issued by Grant County.[1]

According to its website, the Ark Encounter has had over 1 million visitors since it opened on July 7th, 2016.[2]

The Ark Encounter, a Noah’s Ark theme park in Kentucky, has been accused of discriminating against non-Christians.

The ark is built to biblical dimensions and features exhibits that explain how the Biblical story of Noah’s Ark might have unfolded. It cost about $100 million to build and is currently experiencing financial difficulties.

Life-size Noah's Ark uses 3.1 million board feet of timber

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) filed a federal lawsuit against park owner Ken Ham on behalf of four plaintiffs: two families who attended the park but were refused entry based on their lack of religious beliefs and two FFRF staff members who were refused membership to the park’s parent organization, Answers in Genesis (AIG).

According to FFRF, the suit alleges “violations of federal law prohibiting discrimination in public accommodations on the basis of religion or other personal characteristics.”

In a statement reported by CNN, AIG said it “remains steadfastly committed to defending God’s Word and His reputation from those who seek to destroy it.”

The Ark Encounter, a Noah’s Ark-themed amusement park built by the Ark Encounter LLC and operated by Answers in Genesis, opened on July 7, 2016. The park is located near Interstate 75 at Exit 40 in Grant County, Kentucky.

The Ark Encounter is a 510 foot long by 85 foot wide structure constructed as a replica of Noah’s Ark and intended to be an educational experience for visitors. The ark has three decks with a total gross volume of 1,400,000 cubic feet (41,667 m3). The first deck is dedicated to exhibits designed to show how Noah could have built the ark according to the biblical account in Genesis 6–9.

The second and third decks depict scenes from Genesis 7–8: the Flood and its aftermath. There are displays of animals in cages that include information about each animal’s diet and lifespan. Visitors can walk through these decks or ride elevators between them.[1]

A 20-ft scale model of the ark was first built by AiG staff members in Kentucky during 1999 for use in their Creation Museum.[2] In 2005 AiG started raising money for construction of their ark project.[3][4]

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