Automatic doors for disabled access

Automatic doors for disabled access are one of the most significant changes to public buildings allowing safe passage for disabled people across doorways without assistance from another person. Automatic doors, with minimum required clear widths of 32 inches (810 mm), are increasingly being included in new buildings today.

Walk through automatic doors when visiting a shopping center and you always feel like you’re the only one. But with disabled access automatic doors, those days are over. This article will discuss how automatic doors can enhance disabled access and the types of doors available.

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Automatic doors for disabled access

We can supply and fit automatic doors for disabled access to your building or home at competitive rates.

Our automatic doors open when a person approaches and close again after the person has passed through. These doors can be installed on any existing doorway and are ideal for homes and businesses.

Automatic doors for disabled access doors are a great way to ensure that your building is as accessible as possible.

There are many different types of automatic doors for disabled access, but they all have one thing in common: they help to improve safety, comfort and convenience for everyone in the building.

Our range of automatic opening doors for disabled access includes products from leading brands such as Hormann and Flamingo.

Automatic doors for disabled access

Automatic doors are the ideal solution for businesses with disabled access requirements. The automatic door opens and closes automatically as you approach or leave, providing safe and convenient access.

The automatic opening doors are used in health care facilities, shopping centres, office buildings and other public buildings. Automatic doors for disabled access can be installed in any type of building to provide an easy way for people with disabilities to enter and exit a building.

The automatic door systems are designed to meet the needs of customers with physical disabilities by providing a smooth transition from outside to inside of a building. They are also suitable for wheelchair users, older people and other people who need assistance entering or exiting a building.

When a person approaches an automatic door system, it detects their presence using infrared light beams or pressure sensitive mats on the floor. The system then opens the door automatically when it senses that someone is waiting outside (or inside) the building. The door will remain open until someone reaches its threshold or beyond it (depending on how far away they were standing when they first approached). Once they pass through the doorway, the system will close again automatically behind them.

Automatic doors are an excellent solution for people with limited mobility, as they can be opened by a simple push of a button.

A range of automatic door openers is available to suit any door size and purpose. They can be easily retrofitted onto existing doors, or installed as part of new building construction.

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Automatic doors are ideal for providing accessibility to buildings and spaces. They can be used in reception areas, shopping centres, hotels, schools and medical facilities.

The advantages of automatic opening doors are many:

They are easy to use – just press a button to open or close the door automatically

They don’t require ongoing maintenance or adjustment

They offer added security over manual opening systems; customers cannot enter without identification or payment

Automatic doors are automated systems that open and close a door to allow access. These doors are useful for buildings that have high levels of traffic, such as airports and shopping malls.

Automated door opening systems have many benefits, including reducing the fatigue of employees who spend much time opening doors manually. These doors also prevent accidents when people push each other while trying to enter or exit through a single door.

Automatic doors can also help reduce energy costs by eliminating the need for employees to open and close them manually. These doors can be programmed to open at specific times during the day to allow people in and out of the building more quickly.

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