Bank vault doors for sale

Are you looking for high-security and durable doors for sale? Houston Metal Art has different kinds of steel bank vault doors and security safes for sale. Made with solid steel. High-impact steel doors. We are a local and family owned business since 1993. Alarm systems also at competitive prices. Same day installation service available. Call today!

Vault doors are installed in bank vaults, safes, and security doors to protect the contents from theft. These doors are typically constructed of steel and this type of door is considered unbreakable by thieves, who usually carry crowbars with them to open normal vault and safe doors. Thus, these types of doors are mostly used for high-security applications. However, vault doors are not only used by banks or for storing valuables. You can also see them in museums and other secure areas that need a specialized type of security equipment.

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We are selling Bank vault doors for sale. We use these doors in our own bank vault and can now sell them to interested parties.

These doors are made from steel and have an electro-magnetic locking mechanism which can be activated with a code or keypad. Each door comes with a sealable locking system to allow for the safe storage of valuables within the safe room.

The price of these doors is $20,000 per door, however if you purchase more than one door we will offer a discount on each additional door purchased.

Bank vault doors for sale

Bank vault doors are a common sight in many banks, and they can be found in a number of different sizes. The need for bank vault doors is clear – they provide security to the valuable assets that banks hold.

The selling of bank vault doors is not a new phenomenon however, with many companies currently selling them online. This has made it easier for people to purchase these items, as they can now be bought from the comfort of their own home.

Bank vault doors are ideal for any business that wants to keep its assets secure, and this means that many companies will use them as part of their security measures. If you’re looking for a supplier of bank vault doors then you should take some time to consider the options available before making your final decision.

We are selling of bank vault doors. Our range of vault doors includes steel door, fireproof door and bullet proof door.

We are a leading supplier of high quality bank vault doors to the banking industry. The main purpose of these doors is to protect cash and valuables from burglars, robbers and thieves.

Bank vault doors are made from high quality security grade steel that has been heat treated to increase the strength and durability of the steel. This makes them resistant to battering with sledgehammers or pick axes.

The doors are fitted with heavy duty hinges so they can be opened easily by hand without any damage being caused to the hinges or door frame.

The hinges are fitted on both sides of the door so that they can be opened from either side without having to turn around in order to gain access into the room or vault where the safe is located.

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We can supply and install the best bank vault doors for sale in the UK, with a range of different styles available. We are the leading vault door manufacturers and suppliers in the UK, and have been for over 20 years.

Our vault doors are made from high-quality materials and all of our products come with a lifetime guarantee. We also offer a free design service to help you create your perfect vault door.

We sell high quality bank vault doors for sale at competitive prices, with a range of different styles available. Our products are built to last, and come with a lifetime guarantee. We also offer a free design service to help you create your perfect bank vault door.

We stock a wide range of different types of bank vaults including:

Cash counting cabinets

Safe deposit boxes

Bank deposit boxes

We also stock various other security products such as safes, security shutters and more!

Vault doors are the most secure method of protecting your valuables. The vault door is designed to protect against burglary, fire and vandalism. We offer a complete line of full-view, walk-in vault doors in steel and wood construction. Our products are UL listed and come with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

We have a wide variety of vault doors for sale including:

Bank vault doors – Our bank vault doors are designed to provide maximum security for commercial and residential applications. These heavy duty vault doors can be customized to fit your needs perfectly.

Safe room doors – Safe rooms are designed to provide a secure place to hide during an emergency situation such as a natural disaster or terrorist attack. We offer safe room doors that are specially designed for this purpose with reinforced materials and multiple locking points to prevent break-ins from the outside world.

Vault safes – Vault safes are used by law enforcement agencies around the country due to their high level of protection against burglary attempts. We offer high quality vault safes that will fit any budget while still providing maximum security for your valuables inside

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