Barn doors with mirror on one side

A barn door with a mirror on one side gives you all the benefits of a conventional barn door, with an extra added bonus. With a mirrored surface, you can increase the light in your room, eliminate shadows and get a feeling of space.

Barn doors with mirror on one side

Barn doors are a great way to add a rustic touch to your home. But if you’re looking for a more modern look, consider using barn doors with a mirror on one side instead.

The barn doors are made of wood and have a beautiful finish. They are easy to install and the installation is not difficult at all. The doors come with hinges that can be installed easily. The hinges are made of metal and they have a good weight, which ensures that the door stays in place when it is opened or closed. The dimensions of this product are 60 inches long by 24 inches high and 14 inches wide, so you will need enough space to fit this door into your home.

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Barn door with mirror on one side dimensions

A standard size barn door is usually 2 feet wide by 8 feet high, but they can be made in other sizes as well. If you want to use the same door for both sides of the room, make sure it fits before you get started on your project.

Barn doors come in different sizes — from 8 feet wide to 12 feet wide — but the most common size is 10 feet wide. The spacing between the two tracks is usually 1” or 2” depending on how much space you want between each track. You can also get custom-sized barn doors if needed.

The height of the tracks depends on the height of your doorway. If your doorway is less than 6 feet tall, then 2” tall tracks would work best for you. And if you have a taller doorway going into a room with high ceilings (like an attic), then 4” tall tracks would be ideal.

Barn door with mirror on one side ideas

When used as an accent piece in your living room or bedroom, a mirrored barn door can add some sparkle and shine without taking away from other elements in the room. You can also use it as part of an entryway or even as a hallway divider. The possibilities are endless!

The best thing about using this type of door is that it doesn’t take up any floor space when it’s open; it simply hinges over whatever is behind it until it reaches its full height limit (usually about 80 inches). This not only makes it easy to walk through but also allows for more open space around furniture.

Barn doors are a nice addition to any home. They can be used as an accent piece, or even as a divider in your home. The best part is that they are so easy to install. Just screw them in, and you’re done!

One of the most common ways to use barn doors is in the kitchen. You can put one on one side of the island with a mirror on the other side, or vice versa. This gives you an incredible amount of light and space for putting things away.

Another great idea is to put them on either side of your fireplace mantle or mantelpiece. This will give you some extra storage space for your knick knacks, and also help create a unified look throughout your home.

If you have a sliding glass door that leads out onto your deck or patio, then why not install a pair of barn doors there? This creates the look of an old-fashioned screen door without having to use screens at all!

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