Cost to build a brick house vs vinyl

While there are many factors to consider when choosing a home construction material, the average cost is one of the most important considerations. The cost to build a brick house vs vinyl can vary widely based on location, construction company, and other factors.

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The average cost of building a new home in the United States is $326,900*, which means that homeowners spend an average of $1,068 per square foot to construct their homes. The price per square foot for building a brick house vs vinyl can range from $543 to $1,126 per square foot**. This difference in price is due to a number of factors including regional variations in labor costs and materials costs as well as differences in building codes and regulations across states and even cities. A common rule of thumb is that concrete blocks will typically cost around 10 percent more than wood framing while vinyl siding will cost around 20 percent less than wood siding.

Cost to build a brick house vs vinyl

The cost to build a brick house is considerably higher than the cost to build a vinyl-sided house.

Brick is more expensive because it’s more durable. It stands up better to fire, wind and water damage. Brick also can last 100 years or more, which means less maintenance over time.

When deciding whether to build a brick house or vinyl-sided home, consider these factors:

Cost: The average cost of building a brick home was $1,250 per square foot in 2016, according to Remodeling Magazine. Vinyl siding costs about half as much at $500 per square foot.

Energy efficiency: Brick homes are more energy efficient than vinyl-sided homes because they keep heat in during winter and out during summer months. Bricks have insulating properties that help regulate temperature inside the home year round without using electricity or gas to maintain that temperature level. Vinyl siding has no insulation value whatsoever, so it will conduct heat and cold right through the walls if left uninsulated.

How much does brick cost compared to other cladding?

vinyl siding vs brick

Brick looks great on a house, but it’s expensive to install. Vinyl siding is much less expensive, but it also has its drawbacks.

Cost. The average cost of brick is $5 per square foot installed, including labor and materials. This number can vary greatly depending on the type of brick and the contractor you use for installation.

Vinyl siding costs about $3 per square foot installed, including labor and materials.

Energy efficiency. Brick provides better insulation than vinyl siding does, which means that your home stays warmer in winter and cooler in summer. This makes it a good choice for areas where extreme temperatures are common, such as the Southwest or Northeast United States.

Vinyl siding doesn’t insulate as well as brick, so it might not be ideal if you live in an area with extreme weather conditions. However, many homeowners choose to install both types of siding on their homes — one color on the first floor and another color on the second floor — so they get the best of both worlds (and two different looks).

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