Cost to build a gym facility

A gym facility can be a great addition to your property. It allows you to attract new tenants and provide them with a place to work out or relax. But building a gym requires careful planning and design.

Costs of a Gym Facility

The cost of building a gym facility depends on several factors, including the size, location and amenities offered by the gym. A small facility might cost $50,000 or less, while larger facilities can cost more than $1 million.

If you’re considering adding a gym to your property, it’s important to understand how much it will cost before making any decisions about whether or not to invest in one. Here are some factors that will affect the price of your new space:

Size: The size of your space will determine how much it costs to build out your gym area. A small room may only require basic equipment such as weights and treadmill machines, while an entire area will require more equipment such as mirrors, shower rooms and lockers. Even if you don’t need all of these features in your space right away, it’s best to plan for them so that they can easily be incorporated if needed in the future.

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Cost to build a gym facility

The cost to build a gym facility will depend on the size and scope of your project. For example, if you’re building a single-room fitness center in a strip mall, your costs will be lower than those of constructing a large, multi-room fitness center with locker rooms and showers.

The following are some typical expenses associated with building a gym:

Land acquisition costs. This is the price you pay for the land on which to build your gym. Depending on where you’re located, this could be expensive or relatively inexpensive. Consult an attorney or real estate agent for advice on how much to budget for this expense.

Construction costs. These include labor, materials and subcontractors’ fees. Labor costs vary widely depending on where you live; construction materials vary as well based on their quality and durability; and subcontractors’ fees vary based on their experience level and reputation in the industry.

Permits and licenses from local authorities such as fire departments and health departments can add another $500-$1,000 to your budget per permit or license.Cost of building fitness centers inside Houston office buildings rose in  2016, Kirksey report shows - Houston Business Journal

Gym expenses list

The cost of building a gym facility varies greatly depending on the size and style of gym you are looking to build.

It’s important to note that these estimates are only for construction costs and do not include any other expenses such as equipment, licenses, permits and more.

Here is an estimated breakdown of what you might expect in terms of costs for your new gym:

Construction Costs – $150 per square foot (depending on size)

Equipment – $10,000-$100,000 (based on type and quality)

Licenses & Permits – $400-$1,000 (varies by state/county)

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