Cost to build a house at smith mountain lake

There are many factors that can affect the cost of building a house. The size and style of the home, the location, and the materials used all have an impact on the price.

The average cost of building a new home in the United States is $350 per square foot, according to the National Association of Home Builders. However, this number can vary depending on where you live and how large your home is.

If you’re building a house in Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia, here are some tips to help you budget for your next construction project:

Size Matters

The larger your home is, the more it will cost to build. The average size of new homes has increased over time and now averages 2,600 square feet (1/3 acre), according to This means that the average cost per square foot for a 2,600-square-foot home would be about $170 per square foot (or $340 per square meter).Smith Mountain Lake Custom Home Builders - Custom Home Builders | Roseland  Virginia | Tectonics II LTD

Cost to build a house at smith mountain lake

Smith Mountain Lake is a beautiful place to build a house. The lake offers beautiful views and a relaxing environment. If you are interested in building your dream home, here are some tips to help you along the way.

Smith Mountain Lake New Construction Costs

The average cost of building a new home at Smith Mountain Lake is approximately $380 per square foot, or $400 per square meter. This includes all labor and materials for the construction of your home, such as framing, roofing and flooring materials, insulation, electrical wiring and plumbing fixtures. The total cost depends on the size and design of your house as well as its location along the lakefront.

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Smith Mountain Lake Home Building Timeline

Building a house at Smith Mountain Lake can take anywhere from five months to two years depending on its size and complexity. On average it takes six months for a 2,300-square-foot home with two bedrooms and one bathroom to be completed.

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