Cost to build house seattle

If you’re living in the continental US, chances are you will almost certainly eventually grow to be a homeowner. The question is not if but when that moment comes for you personally. And that saying alone will bring about some fear for those who view home-building as an expensive, even out of their reach prospect. However, there are actually methods of getting around that cost and realizing the house you always wanted without breaking your budget.

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Cost to build house seattle

The cost of building a house can vary greatly depending on the size and location of your lot, the materials you use and other factors. According to Remodeling magazine, the average cost per square foot for new construction is $80. That figure includes the cost of labor but not land or subcontractors. The National Association of Home Builders says that the average price tag for a new single-family home in the U.S. was $302,000 in 2017, up 5.8 percent from 2016.

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How much does it cost per square foot to build a house?

According to Remodeling magazine’s January 2019 issue, which features its annual Cost vs. Value Report, the national average for new construction is $280 per square foot for single-family homes and $210 per square foot for condos. To calculate your own costs, multiply your total square footage by these numbers — then add any additional costs like landscaping, appliances and fixtures into your budget so you don’t forget them when budgeting for your project!

The cost of building a house in Seattle varies depending on your lot size, the style of home you want, and the features you want built into your new home. If you are looking for a custom home that has lots of custom features, expect to pay more than what is listed here.

We have compiled some estimates below based on information from local builders who know the market well. These costs do not include land purchase or site preparation costs; they are only estimates of how much it would cost to build a new home in Seattle today. The estimates are broken down by size, style and type:

Cost to build a 3-bedroom 2-bathroom 1,600 sqft house in Seattle: $350-$400/sqft (for stick built)

Cost to build a 4-bedroom 2-bathroom 2,000 sqft house in Seattle: $400-$450/sqft (for stick built)

Cost to build a 5-bedroom 3-bathroom 2,500 sqft house in Seattle: $450-$550/sqft (for stick built)

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