Dark grey doors with light grey walls

Doors, they don’t just open and shut all day long. Well, maybe they do (literally), but not really (figuratively). But it’s important to look at doors as both literal and figurative openings, gates, or portals. And if we think about doors in terms of a metaphorical window or gate into a person’s lives, then the color of that gate becomes much more important. Because when you see a pair of dark grey doors with light grey walls behind them (a dark grey door + light grey wall color scheme).

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Dark grey doors with light grey walls

Grey is a neutral colour that can work well with any other colour. However, it may be a good idea to choose a complementary shade for the wall and flooring.

For example, if you have grey doors, then you might choose a light grey for the walls and a dark brown for the flooring as this will make your living room look larger and brighter.

What colour goes with grey doors?

Grey is such a versatile colour that it can work well with almost any other shade of paint. For example, if your door is dark grey then you could use white or cream on the walls and flooring in order to create a stylish interior design scheme.

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What colour walls go with grey doors

If your home has both dark grey and light grey doors, then you might want to consider painting the interior walls in either one of these shades or something completely different altogether. You could use white or cream paint on the walls in order to give them an elegant appearance which will complement both types of doors perfectly.

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