Dark stained doors with white trim

Wooden doors with white trim are probably the most traditional, tried-and-true door design there is. They’re beautiful, timeless and a great combination of colors that complement each other quite well. Although white wooden doors with dark wooden panels room for a bit of creativity — this simple design really lends itself to being decorated in various ways, all you have to do is know where to start. There are so many doors with trim colors to choose from that it can become confusing having to look at them all.

How to paint over stained wood | Four Generations One Roof

Dark stained doors with white trim

Dark stained knotty alder doors with white trim. Can you have white trim and stained doors. What color white for trim and doors. How to lighten a dark stained door.

My new house has dark stained knotty alder wood interior doors, but I’m not feeling the color scheme. I want something more modern, but I don’t want to paint them all white or a different wood color because it will be too much of a change. The trim is also dark, so that’s another problem area. I would like to paint just the interior of the door, but even if I do that, I’d still have to paint the exterior side.

How to paint over stained wood | Four Generations One Roof

Dark stained knotty alder doors with white trim

The first thing you’ll notice about this door is its color. The dark stain gives this door some serious character and the white trim helps to brighten up the space. The second thing you’ll notice is that the door has no glass in it. This gives the homeowner more flexibility when it comes to choosing what type of hardware they want to install on their door.

Can You Have White Trim And Stained Doors?

You can absolutely have stained doors with white trim. It’s all about picking the right combination of materials and colors for your home. Darker woods like oak or mahogany tend to work well with white trim because they provide contrast between the two elements. You can also pick out lighter wood stains if you prefer a brighter look in your home or office.

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