Data center cost to build

AAData centers are a vital piece of the IT infrastructure for many businesses. For all their worth, data centers do cost a lot to build. The cost of setting up and operating these facilities may be a bit less than the outlay you are making. Here are some costs you can expect to come across when you start building your own data center.

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Data center cost to build

Data center building costs are a major consideration for any data center project. In this article, we’ll look at the factors that affect data center building costs and how you can estimate the costs of your own data center.

Factors affecting data center building cost:

Location: The location of your data center can have a significant impact on costs. For example, if you need to secure more space than what is available in your existing facility, you may need to build a new facility in another location or expand your current site — both of which add significantly to the cost of building a new data center. The availability of land also impacts costs; if land is scarce or expensive in your area, you will likely see higher construction costs than if there were plenty of available land nearby.

Size: Data centers come in all shapes and sizes — from small closet-like spaces to large multi-level facilities with raised floors and raised racking storage racks. Generally speaking, larger data centers require more power, cooling and security than smaller ones. These factors can all contribute to higher construction costs when building a large facility versus a small one.

Security requirements: Security requirements vary greatly between different industries and even between different companies within the same industry sector

What Does It Cost to Build a Data Center?

Cost per square foot to build a data center

The cost of building a data center varies greatly depending on the location, size and features.

A tier 4 data center can cost anywhere from $9 million to $80 million to build. A tier 3 data center will cost between $5 million and $10 million, and a tier 2 facility costs about half that amount.

The cost of building a data center depends on the location, size and features. A tier 4 facility can cost anywhere from $9 million to $80 million, while a tier 3 facility costs between $5 million and $10 million. A tier 2 facility costs about half that amount.

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