Dayz how to build a flagpole

 This tutorial will help you how to build a flagpole in Dayz standalone. When we playing DayZ standalone, we dont have many weapons. That is fine, but when it comes to going out On a mission like killing zombies or building a base, weapons are the top priority in the inventory list. Also, when it comes to finding items like wood, stone and iron ore, building a base is always at top of the decision list. 

DayZ: How to Build Flagpole

Dayz how to build a flagpole

What do you need to build a flagpole in DayZ?

A metal pole and a flag.

You can craft a flag with a piece of cloth and a piece of string.

Then place the pole in the ground and use the “put object down” button (default is “G”) to place it near your base or campsite.

What do you need to build a flagpole in dayz?

1x Wood (Dry)

1x Metal Bar (Dry)

What do you need to build a flagpole in dayz?

A hammer and a screwdriver.

Building a flagpole dayz.

You can find all the materials needed for this on the server, but when you’re building your first one, it’s best to be prepared. There are two ways to get wood and metal bars: either by looting them or by crafting them yourself. If you want to do it like the pros, here’s how you can get started!

Here is a list of items that you need to build a flagpole in DayZ:

A pole

A flag

A hammer (to attach the flag to the pole)

First, find yourself a nice tree, or a rock or something like that. You can also use any other object that you can stand on, but don’t use anything really big or heavy because you might fall off and die. Once you’ve found your pole, go ahead and attach it to the top of it with your hammer (You can pick one up by searching medical bags). Next, attach your flag to the top of that same pole. Now go ahead and start waving your flag around!

Building a flagpole in DayZ is a relatively simple process. It requires you to build a Flagpole Scaffold, which can be crafted at any Carpenter’s Bench. Once that’s done, you need to find some wood and build the actual flagpole.

The materials required for this are:

Flagpole Scaffold – 5x Wood

Wooden Stick – 5x Wood

You can find both of these materials in most buildings across Chernarus. If there are no wooden sticks available, you will have to burn down trees to get them.

Once you have all of these materials, start building your scaffolding by placing four wooden sticks around each other so they form a square. Then add a fifth stick on top of this square and place it against one of the walls of the structure you want to build it on so it forms a triangle shape with that wall. Finally, place one more stick against another wall so that it forms an octagon shape with two walls and your first wooden stick from before.

To make a Flagpole:

1) Find a base object (such as a log, rock or tree) and place it where you want your flagpole to be. It needs to be around 1m high.

2) Look at the object – it should have a “flag” option in the bottom left corner. Press this and select “attach flag” from the menu that appears.

3) Now select the flagpole from your inventory, then click on the object which has your flag attached – it will attach itself automatically.

Steam Workshop::Basic Territories

Dayz ps4 how to build a flagpole

The best way to get materials for building a flagpole is to find a supply crate. They are available at military bases or other locations, and they hold a variety of useful items. You can also find them at some civilian locations, but they are rarer there.

You will need to use your axe to open the crate and take what you need. You may also want to aim for crates that are near each other, as they may contain items that help each other. For example, if you find a crate with wood planks as well as an axe, you can use both of these items together in order to build your flagpole.

In order to build a flagpole in DayZ PS4 , you will need:


Wooden Planks (x4)

DayZ is a game that’s been around for a while now, and it keeps getting better and better. The latest addition to the game is the ability to build your own flagpole. While this may not seem like a big deal, it actually adds a lot of depth to the game.

Building a flagpole in DayZ isn’t as easy as it sounds though. You’ll need wood, nails and rope to make one, which means you’ll need to spend some time collecting materials before you can even get started.

So how do you build a flagpole in DayZ? We’ve got all the answers right here!

There are many ways to get a flagpole in DayZ. The easiest way is to go out into the wilderness and find one. If you have a pickaxe, then you can use it to mine for stone and make a stone axe which will allow you to cut down trees faster.

The other way is to find an abandoned building with a workbench (like the one in Balota) and craft one yourself.

You will need a flagpole, which is made from a flagpole kit. The kit can be found in military tents, airfield barracks and some other buildings. It is also found in loot piles.

You will need some wire to connect the flagpole to the base or structure you put it on.

In order to assemble the flagpole kit, you must first pick up the pole and then hold it in your hands until you hear a clicking sound. This means that it has been assembled correctly.

You will need:

1x Metal Rod (To build the flagpole)

1x Wooden Stick (To attach the flag to)

1x Cloth (To make an American flag)

First, find a metal rod and a wooden stick. Then, go to your inventory, right click the metal rod, select “craft”, and then select “tools”. Now you want to craft a plumb bob. This will be used as a base for your flagpole. After that, hold down left click on your plumb bob until it becomes red hot (this will take some time). Once it is red hot, place it into your hand and hold left click again until it cools down. This will allow you to shape the metal rod into a flagpole by hammering it with your hands. Once the metal rod is shaped into a flagpole, use another plumb bob on it to attach a cloth onto one end of it so that you can attach an American flag onto it (you are unable to attach any other type of fabric onto this type of flagpole).

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