Doors for utility room

Since we had installed a new kitchen, bathroom and laundry, we needed doors for the utility room. Direct Doors fitted us out with all our needs. The bedroom door was great; we get plenty of light coming through the window now. But the utility room door is amazing! There is a see-through panel at the bottom which enables me to soak my beanbag in water without having to empty it too much. I’m still trying to work out how to get that dirty mark off that wall though.

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Doors for utility room

This is a sliding door utility cupboard that features two sliding doors which open outwards to reveal the interior of the cupboard. The doors are fitted with automatic openers and they are made from solid pine which has been finished in a clear lacquer. The interior of the cupboard is lined with white MDF, which is easy to clean.

This is a back door for use on a rear porch or patio. It has been made from pressure treated timber, which has been painted white to match other exterior woodwork. The door has a single panel design with a slatted design. There is no handle fitted as this would not suit its location and there is also no lock fitted, so it should be kept secure when not in use.

A sliding door is a great way to make a utility room more accessible and useable. It allows you to access the room from inside your home, or from the garden if it’s an outside-accessible room. The doors can be made from UPVC (vinyl) or aluminium and come in a range of colours, so you can match them to your kitchen, bathroom or hallway.

If you have an outside-accessible utility room, then it can be useful to have a back door that leads directly outside. This makes it easier to get things into and out of the room quickly, without having to go through the house first – especially if you live in a block of flats where people are always coming and going.

Howdens doors

We offer a wide range of doors for utility rooms at Howdens Joinery. From sliding doors to bi-folding doors and even folding doors, we have something suitable for any space and budget.

A utility room is a room in a house that provides services such as laundry and storage. The utility room is usually located next to the kitchen, with the entrance from the garage or main hallway. It is important to consider the size of your utility room before deciding which door to use.

Sliding Door Utility Cupboard

A sliding door is a good choice for a utility room because it allows you to easily access your washing machine, dryer and other appliances. Sliding doors are also useful for small spaces where there isn’t much floor space available, such as basements or attics. The opening of a sliding door can be customized to fit any space and size of your home.

A back door is another option for your utility room. A back door can give you easy access to the yard without having to go through your kitchen or living room first. You can choose between an exterior door that opens into an enclosed porch or an interior door that leads directly into the kitchen or living room area of your home.

Howdens doors have been supplying high quality doors at affordable prices since 1972! We offer a wide range of designs and styles including front doors.

If you’re looking for a new door for your utility room, we have a range of options to suit every style and budget. Our sliding door utility cupboard is made from hardwood and comes in three different sizes. The back door has a solid construction and is available in white or oak, with various finishes to choose from.

Our howdens doors are ideal for creating an attractive entranceway into your home. They’re available in three styles – the Classic Pivot door, the Contemporary Pivot Door and the Georgian Panel – with a variety of colours and finishes to choose from.

Our Bespoke Utility Rooms — Herringbone Kitchens

Howdens doors

Sliding door utility cupboard, back door, front door and side panels all in Ash or Oak. The doors are solid wood and come with a 10 year guarantee. They are easy to fit as they are pre-hung on the frame with a concealed fixings system so you only need to drill holes through the wall for the door handles.

Our sliding door utility cupboard is a great way to store your items in an easy-to-reach place. This product features three shelves and two doors that slide open. The sliding door utility cupboard is made from high quality materials and comes with a 25 year guarantee.

The back door has an adjustable handle that allows you to open it from both sides. This is great for making sure it’s accessible for everyone, including older relatives and children.

The product measures 1,021 x 515 x 217mm making it perfect for storing a wide range of items in your home or garden shed.

Howden’s sliding door utility cupboard is a multi-purpose unit that can be used as a pantry or food cupboard, in the kitchen or utility room.

This single door design is finished in high gloss white for a clean and contemporary look. The unit has one adjustable shelf which offers plenty of storage space.

The back door is easy to open and close with soft closing hinges, and the hinge position allows for left or right hand opening.

The Howden Utility Cupboard is supplied flat packed for home assembly

Howdens doors is the leading supplier of sliding door utility cupboards. Our range includes sliding door utility cupboards with a choice of two, three or four shelves. Each unit is available in a variety of finishes, including white gloss and oak effect, so you can choose a design that suits your home.

We also offer free next day delivery on all orders over £100, so you can get your new sliding door utility cupboard quickly and easily.

Howden Series’ sliding door utility cupboard, the SDU-15, is designed to be installed in the same way as a standard Howden Series sliding door. The SDU-15 is a high quality, heavy duty sliding door with a single hinged panel. Each SDU-15 comes with a full length piano hinge and is available in anodised aluminium or stainless steel finishes.

The SDU-15 can also be used as an additional access point for an existing Howden Series sliding door system. It can be placed either side of the main sliding door or on its own at the end of the track.

The SDU-15 comes with two sets of end stops that are adjustable from 45mm to 130mm from the base rail to allow for different wall thicknesses (see diagram below). The doors can be fitted in both directions along the track and are easily removed for maintenance or cleaning purposes.

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