How to build a 3 point trencher

Here is how to build a 3 point trencher using only a shovel, water hose and 36 hours of your time. These instructions are easy to follow and anyone can do it. It’s really easy. You don’t need any special skills or tools.

Trenchers are used for digging or to cut through hard surfaces. When it comes to building a house, the trencher is vital for slicing through solid ground before building begins. This trenching machine is used in most civil works. It can also be known as power trencher, compact trencher or rotary cutter. The term ‘trencher’ actually is derived from the Middle English word ‘trancheor’, which translates to ‘a machine used to create trenches.’

Hydrostatic Tractor, PTO Driven, 3 Point Hitch Trencher

How to build a 3 point trencher

I have a Bobcat 225 that I use for my 3-point trencher. I bought the trencher attachment from Frontier Products, who sells it as the “Frontier 3-Point Trencher Attachment.”

The model number is F3PT, and it’s about $2,000 for the attachment and $1,200 for the tractor modification kit. The modification kit consists of an adapter plate that bolts to the tractor’s front axle and an offset bracket that attaches to the center link of your rear PTO shaft (it looks like a small “T” with an extra bolt hole).

A lever on your tractor’s left side lets you adjust how far off-center you want your chain to run. You can also change how much weight gets applied to each set of teeth by adjusting how far forward or backward in its track each tooth is positioned.

The Frontier 3-Point Trencher Attachment has a 5′ blade made out of 8 gauge steel. The teeth are 1/4″ thick by 1/4″ wide, which gives them plenty of strength without making them too heavy for a small tractor like mine. The teeth are spaced about 6″ apart on either side of the blade so they’ll dig deep but won’t tear

If you need to dig trenches and holes for your landscaping project, you can build a 3 point trencher. A trencher is a machine that uses a spade-like blade to dig through soil and sod. The machine pulls the dirt out of the hole as it goes, which makes it much faster than digging by hand with a shovel.

You will need the following supplies to build this tool:

Tractor with PTO


Frontier Trencher Attachment or similar attachment (see Resources section).

Homemade trencher for tractor bucket on Kubota BX - YouTube

Chain for attaching the trencher to the tractor

A 3 point trencher is a very useful tool for any farmer or homeowner. They can help you to plant your crops, dig holes for fence posts and many other things.

If you’re building your own 3 point trencher, there are a few things you’ll need to take into account. Firstly, you’ll need to decide on the type of tractor you’re going to use. If your tractor has a loader, then it will be much easier to build a 3 point trencher than if it doesn’t.

Secondly, you should consider the size of your tractor’s PTO shaft. The PTO shaft is where the trencher will attach itself, so make sure that it’s large enough so that your attachment won’t fall off while working in the field.

Lastly, choose which type of attachment you want – do you want an attachment that digs or an attachment that turns soil over?

A three-point trencher is a piece of equipment that can be used for digging holes for fence posts or for planting trees. It’s a handy tool to have around the homestead, so we’ll show you how to build your own.

The key to building a 3 point trencher is to use parts that are easy to get and will work well with your tractor. The first thing you need is an adapter plate that will fit on the end of your tractor’s PTO shaft. This can be purchased at any farm store or online supplier.

Next, you’ll need a hitch bar assembly (also known as an implement pin) that will connect your implement pin to the adapter plate. This assembly has two pins that fit into holes in both pieces and hold them together securely while also allowing them to move freely on each other as needed during operation.

You’ll also need some chain guards for safety reasons and some tire chains for traction if you live in an area where snow or ice is common in the winter months (or even just when the ground gets wet).

A 3 point trencher is a device used to dig holes in the earth. The machine consists of a tractor with a front mounted plow and an attachment on the back with three blades. The blades are connected to a shaft that is attached to the tractor’s power take off (PTO). The PTO allows for the machine to be driven by the tractor’s engine without having to engage the gearbox. This type of machine is commonly used for building ditches, installing pipes, digging trenches, and other excavating tasks.[1]

The first step in building your own three point trencher is to select the plow for your tractor. You should consider what kind of work you want to do with your homemade trencher and choose a plow that will work best for you. For example, if you plan on digging up large areas you’ll want one with more power than if you only plan on digging small holes.[2] The next step is selecting a blade set-up for your homemade trencher. There are many different types of blades available including straight blades, curved blades and bent blades.[3] Straight blades have no curve in them while curved blades have an upward curve toward their tips.


Frontier 3 Point Trencher

The Frontier 3-Point Trencher is powered by your tractor’s PTO. It has all the features of our larger trenchers but in a compact, easy to use package. It comes with a 24″ wide blade and an adjustable depth gauge that can be set for depth increments from 1/2″ to 5″. The trencher has a small footprint and requires only 10″ of space behind the tractor. A 42″ x 24″ cutting width allows you to make multiple passes if needed. The trencher is controlled by an adjustable lever on the side of the trencher which allows you to control speed and depth settings at your fingertips.

The main reason I made this was to use it with the Frontier 3 point Trencher. It worked great and I didn’t have to spend a lot of money on a commercial one.

I used 1/8″ square steel rod, some bolts and nuts and some cut up pieces of old chain link fence. The only other thing I had to buy was the set screw that goes into the end of the bolt.

The first thing I did was drill out the holes in all four pieces of chain link fence so that they would fit over the square rod (1/8″x3″). Then I assembled everything together using carriage bolts and nuts.

The Frontier 3-Point Trencher is a compact trencher that can be used on any tractor or skid-steer with a front hitch. This unit has been designed for use in residential and commercial applications, such as driveways, sidewalks, streets, patios and more! The Frontier 3-Point Trencher is perfect for small jobs where you don’t need a full size trencher.

The Frontier 3-Point Trencher is equipped with an efficient belt driven cutting head that will power through any type of soil. Four cutting blades allow for easy material removal and one blade for grading material back into place after trenching has been completed.

The Frontier 3-Point Trencher features an adjustable depth control that allows you to adjust the depth of your trenching depending on the material being cut through. This machine also features an adjustable width control which allows you to adjust the width of your trench according to your project needs.

The Frontier 3-Point Trencher comes standard with a 300 lb. capacity hopper so you won’t have to worry about constantly filling up your machine with dirt! You can move around freely while working without worrying about having to stop every few minutes to empty out your hopper!

Frontier 3 point trencher

Frontier 3 point trencher is one of the best-selling products in our market. It is an excellent tool for your garden. This product will help you to create a pathway from your house to the garden and cut down some trees. You can also use it to dig holes for planting plants or flowers.

The Frontier 3 point trencher has a very powerful engine which helps you to dig deep holes in the ground without any effort. This tool is very easy to use and maintain, so anyone can easily use it without any expert’s help.

TPL Trencher

This trencher has many advantages over other types of tractors:

It is very fast in digging the ground;

It can be used for many purposes such as making pathways, cutting down trees, and planting flowers etc;

You don’t need any expert help while using this machine;

It has very low maintenance cost because it doesn’t need any special fuel or oil;

The Frontier 3 point trencher is an excellent choice for homeowners who want the convenience of a trenching machine but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on one. The Frontier 3 point trencher can be used for digging ditches, trenches and holes for septic systems and irrigation systems. It is also useful when installing underground utilities such as cable TV and telephone lines. The Frontier 3 point trencher has a 12 inch cutting width and can dig up to 12 inches deep with ease. The unit weighs only 50 pounds, so you can move it around easily without assistance from another person.

Frontier 3 point trencher features:

12 inch cutting width

Digs up to 12 inches deep

Lightweight design (50 pounds)

Easy assembly.

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