How to build a cup turner

A cup turner is apparatus used to quickly and easily turn a cup or mug upside down without spilling the contents. A simple instrument, the cup turner is used in suspending an object on a horizontal axis. The purpose of using the device is to slowly rotate the cup or mug to allow material inside the cup to flow evenly over a fixed period of time. Considered one of simple machines, the cup turner is usually made of plastic.

So you’ve been to your local shop and purchased a coffee brewer for at home use. Perhaps it was a french press or a moka pot (I’m not judging – I love these coffee makers too!) but you soon realized that your wonderful new device came with one flaw: a complete inability to spill<—-insert gasping sound here—-> one drop of espresso on the countertop, let alone lead its precious cargo where you wanted it to go. Well my friend, you’ve come to the right place. This article will teach you how to build a cup turner / 4 cup turner system out of simple things found around your house.

How to build a cup turner

You can build a four cup turner with very few tools.

Here are the steps:

1. Get all of your materials together. You will need a piece of wood (about 1 inch thick and at least 14 inches long), a drill, screws, washers and nuts, and some sandpaper. The wood should be at least 2 inches longer than your tallest cup or mug. This ensures that the cup will hang over the edge of your table while being turned.

2. Cut your pieces to size using the saw (or have it cut at the store).

3. Lay out one side of your board so that it is perpendicular to you and flat on a surface like your table top or countertop. Mark where you want to put your holes (for attaching things) by measuring from one corner or edge and marking where you want them to go with a pencil or pen (I spaced mine about 3 inches apart). If there’s an existing hole, use that as a guide for where to place another one so that they line up evenly with each other when you attach them later on in this step

4. Drill holes into your board using a drill bit that matches up with whatever size screws/nuts/washers/etc

Step 1: Materials and supplies

Materials List

Step 2: Cut the dowel rod to length

Cutting the dowel rod. It’s important that you cut the dowel rod to the correct length so that it fits between the two plates. The height of your cup turner will be determined by how tall you want your cup holder to be. I chose a height of about 4 inches for my multi-cup turner, which is about as tall as most standard mugs and glasses. You can use a hacksaw or a table saw to cut your dowel rod to length. If you’re using a hacksaw, make sure you clamp down on one end of the dowel rod so that it doesn’t move while you’re cutting through it with the hacksaw blade.

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Cut a piece of wood to the desired size and shape. You can use any kind of wood, but I chose to use pine because it is cheap and easy to work with. If you are making multiple turners, cut 2 pieces at the same time so that they match up exactly.

Step 2:

Sand down each side until it is smooth and even. If you want your cup turner to be smooth on all sides, then sand all 4 sides, but if you only want one side smooth (i.e. the top), then only sand 3 sides and leave the bottom untouched. Once finished sanding, paint one side of your cup turner with your desired color (you can also stain or varnish at this point).

Step 3:

Once everything has dried, flip over your cup turner and fill in any holes or gaps with wood putty or filler. Smooth out everything and let dry for several hours before painting again (if needed) or staining/varnishing (if desired). When everything has dried completely (overnight), flip over again and paint/stain/varnish the other side of your spinner

First, you will need a piece of wood that is about 5 feet long. You can find this at your local hardware store. The width of the wood should be about one inch. This will give you enough support and stability for your cup turner.

Next, you will need to cut the wood into three separate pieces that are each 12 inches long.

You will then want to use some glue to attach these three pieces together so they form a circle.

After this, you can drill some holes into each side of the circle so that it will be easier to attach the handles later on. You may want to make sure that these holes are drilled at least two inches away from where they meet up with one another, as this will allow for more room for movement when turning cups over in the future.

A cup turner is a tool used to flip over the cups in a cupcake pan without damaging them. These make it much easier to remove the cupcakes from the pan, especially if you have made a lot at one time. The trick is that you need to have the right equipment on hand, so you can make your own cup turner.

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The multi cup turner is a great tool for the kitchen. It can be used to flip pancakes, eggs, and other foods. The multi cup turner is made with a wooden handle that can be cut to any size to fit your needs. You can make it as long as you want or short if you want to save some money. This is a great project that anyone can make at home.

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Materials Needed:

-A piece of wood (the bigger the piece, the longer your tool will be)

-A saw


This project is a multi-cup turner. It can be used to make four cups at once. The design is based on the MOST POPULAR kitchen utensil of all time, the 4 cup turner.

The 4 cup turner is one of those things that you never knew you needed until you have one. It’s just as good as any other spatula, but with four times the surface area and twice the flexibility, it’s much better at flipping stuff over onto plates or into bowls.

To make a multi cup turner:

First, you need to get the parts. The main part is a small metal base. You can find one at any hardware store or online. Just search for “round food tray.” It should be about 4 inches in diameter and 1/4 inch thick.

Then, you need some kind of handle that will screw into the base. I used this kind: but any similar one will work (just make sure it fits).

Finally, you need some sort of rubber feet to keep the base from sliding around on your counter top. They come in all shapes and sizes but I went with these because they’re cheap and easy to find:

How to Make a 4-Cup Turner

The 4-cup turner is a handy tool that lets you flip pancakes, eggs and other foods without making a mess. It works by having four cups attached to the end of a long handle. The cups allow you to place your food in an upright position and flip it over without having to worry about spillage or breakage.

The first step in making a 4-cup turner is to gather the materials and supplies needed for the project. You’ll need:

A drill with bits that can bore holes into metal and wood.

Four plastic straws (or other similar material). An average size is about 6 inches long, but any length will work fine as long as it’s not too tall or wide. The best way to measure this will be by using the existing plastic straws from your kitchen so that you know exactly what size works for this project. If you don’t have any plastic straws around, then try searching Amazon for some cheap ones that fit your needs — most are under $10 each! If plastic straws aren’t available, then try searching for another type of tube-like object such as tubing (typically used in plumbing or irrigation systems). Or maybe even try looking

The 4-cup turner is a tool that’s used to flip food, whether it be pancakes or burgers. It’s an important part of any cook’s collection of kitchen utensils. This simple device can be made in less than an hour and will last for years.

All you need is some wood, some screws and a drill. The wood can be any kind of scrap lumber: pine, oak or any other kind of hardwood. The screws should be about 1 1/2 inches long and flat-headed (Phillips head screws won’t work). You’ll also need some sandpaper or a file to round off the edges of your new creation so that they don’t cut into your hands while you’re cooking with it

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