How to build a deck on deck blocks

A low deck constructed with very low deck blocks over concrete using preservative-treated wood. Very close to the ground and within a few inches of adjacent soil or lawn for easy mowing, this deck design provides an excellent transition between home and garden, spaced closely enough for visual appeal but not so close that you have to stoop or bend to step up.

Building a simple deck (also known as a platform deck) is a good DIY project for a homeowner. The materials required to build a deck four to six feet off the ground are inexpensive, and the steps are simple to learn. There are two ways you can start building your deck: You can build low deck blocks over concrete that will support the floor joist for your new platform or you can build your support posts directly over the concrete. If you have not added an additional layer of concrete in which to embed the supports, you’ll need to use deck blocks.

How to build a deck on deck blocks

If you want to build a low deck over concrete steps, you can use deck blocks. If you are building a wooden deck on top of concrete, you need to make sure that the wood is not in contact with the concrete. You will have to either lay down a layer of wood or add wood blocks under your decking material.

When it comes to building a deck over concrete steps, there are two main ways:

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Use very low deck blocks that sit on top of the step surface (see picture). This would require more work as one needs to dig out the area for the block and level it before installing them. It’s important that these blocks don’t extend too far beyond the step edge so that water doesn’t collect under them and cause problems later on.

Build a frame around each step using 2×4 boards (see picture). This method involves less work and is easier but it does make it harder to get underneath if needed because there’s no access point at all on one side of each step.

Deck blocks are a great way to build a deck over concrete patio, or steps. They come in many different sizes and can be used for all types of projects.

Here are some tips on how to build a deck using deck blocks:

Deck blocks are available in different sizes and shapes. They also come with different types of screws for installation. Choose the block that best fits your project and use the appropriate screws for installation.

Install the deck blocks around the perimeter of your patio or steps. Place them about 1-2 inches from the edge of your patio or step so that you can attach them to the wall later on.

Use an angle grinder with a masonry blade or a chisel to create a groove in each block so that they can hold onto the concrete wall once they’re installed properly. This will help prevent them from falling off during construction, especially if you have children around who might play with them!

The first step in building a deck on deck blocks is to build a level concrete pad at least 10 inches thick and 12 inches wider than the outside edge of your decking. This will be the base for your deck block wall. If you are using pressure-treated lumber for your decking, you can use treated 4x4s instead of concrete. This will allow you to place the posts directly on top of the pad without having to dig out the post holes first

How to Build a Shed Foundation with Deck Blocks

Step 2: Place pressure-treated 4×4 posts into your concrete base, making sure that they are level with each other and that they are centered in each corner. Use a post leveler if necessary

Step 3: Cut 4x4s into pieces long enough to reach from one end of your concrete pad to another. These will be used as cross beams between each post; two per side should be sufficient

Step 4: Attach cross beams to each post using galvanized lag bolts or carriage bolts and washers (or both). Make sure that these connections are tight and secure

Step 5: Attach joist hangers to the tops of each beam using galvanized lag bolts or carriage bolts and washers (or both)

I had a similar problem and decided to go with the concrete blocks. I have a large deck and wanted to make sure it was sturdy, so I went with the 2x6x8 blocks. The problem was that they are too low to use as steps.

I solved this problem by placing 4x8x16 blocks under each of the 2x6x8 blocks. That way, the whole thing is sturdy enough for people to walk on without worrying about it collapsing and having someone fall through it.

I also used pressure treated wood for my deck boards, since we get snow here in Wisconsin and want to be able to use our deck all year long!

A deck is a great addition to your home, but building one is not as simple as it may seem. There are many factors that need to be considered when building a deck, including where it will be built, how high it needs to be, and how much it will cost. The type of materials used also plays an important role in determining the cost of the deck.

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If you want to build a deck, here are some tips:

Decide on the location of your new deck. Your deck should be located where it can easily be accessed by everyone in your family and where there is enough space for you to relax comfortably. Builders prefer building decks with direct access from the house because they make it easier for homeowners to enjoy their new decks without having to go outside through rain or snow to get there.

You also need to consider whether or not you want a porch-style or patio-style deck. Porch-style decks usually have one level with steps leading up from ground level while patio-style decks have multiple levels with stairs or ramps connecting them together. Porch-style decks tend to have more space than patio-style decks do; however, if you live in an area where winters get really cold and snowy then having multiple levels may

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how to build a deck blocks over concrete steps

Here is a very low deck block in the middle of a set of concrete steps. This is not typical, but it can be done if you don’t want to go to the trouble of digging out the entire area and pouring new concrete. The steps also need to be reinforced with rebar and anchored into place. Be sure to follow codes for your area.

If you have a low deck block over concrete steps, you need to build your deck on top of it. To do this, you will need to build the framing for your deck and install the joists. Once that is done, you can attach the deck boards.

If you are building a new deck and want to know how to build a deck blocks over concrete steps, here are some tips that may be helpful:

1) First, make sure that the concrete step is level and has no cracks or holes in it. If there are any cracks or holes in your step, fill them with concrete patching compound before attaching your frame supports.

2) Next, attach 2 x 4s on both sides of your step using either brackets or screws depending on which type of material your step is made from (plywood or another type of wood). Attach these pieces so they are flush with the top edge of the step.

3) Then screw 2 x 4s into place at each end of the first piece so that they form an “L” shape when viewed from above (see image). This will help provide extra support for your frame supports if there is any movement in your foundation due to freeze/thaw cycles or heavy snow loads during winter months that

I have a very low deck that was built on top of my concrete steps. The deck is only about 18 inches high and the steps are about 2 feet high. I would like to build up the deck so it is higher than the step but not too high so as to be dangerous or difficult to get in and out of. I’d like some suggestions on what materials or methods I can use to build up the deck blocks over concrete steps.


I want to build a deck over my concrete steps. The steps are about 1 foot high and the deck will be about 2 feet above ground level. The area is not very level. The area is about 15×20 and I would like to do this as cheaply as possible. I have seen some pictures of decks built on top of concrete steps but they were very low (about 3 feet) and built with just regular lumber and screws.

I would like to build something similar but higher off the ground, probably about 4 feet off the ground so I can put a railing around it for safety reasons.

Is there any way to do this without having to build a whole new foundation for the deck? Or does it have to be built on top of the existing steps? If so, what kind of support structure should I use so that it doesn’t fall apart over time?

Also, how can I make sure that the screws don’t rip through the wood and into the concrete underneath because there won’t be much room between them in some places (only an inch or two).

Building a deck over concrete steps is a very common project. This is a great way to create a nice outdoor entertaining space that is just off the kitchen or family room.

It’s very easy to do, but we always recommend hiring a professional contractor to do this type of work for you.

Here’s how:

The first step is to build the deck frame on top of the concrete stairs. This should be done with pressure treated lumber and 2×6 joists spaced 16″ on center. You can use metal post anchors if your stair risers are less than 4″ tall or use lag screws if they are taller than 4″.

Next, attach 2×4 blocking between each pair of joists. This will support the decking boards that will be used for the surface of your new patio or porch area. The blocking should be attached directly over top of each riser using either deck screws or nails (depending on what kind of wood you are using).

Finally, install your decking boards starting at one end and working toward the other until all boards have been installed. If you want to add a railing around your new outdoor entertaining area, now would be an ideal time!

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