How to build a front porch column

While front and back columns are an old home design element, the column porch supports a small roof structure over a large front door, the focal point of the house. This space is ideal for adding a charming historical accent to any yard or garden. Column porches have become increasingly popular in the American region in the 1900s, with additions on both columns, as well as other elements like ceilings or trim.

One of the most noticeable features of a home is its porch. Here is how you can construct a front porch column .AND how to build a box column to cover a post how to box in round porch columns how to update front porch columns

How to build a front porch column

The columns on your front porch are the focal point of the home’s exterior. If you’re considering remodeling your porch, it’s important to know how to properly box in your columns.

Build a Box Column

You can build a box column by installing boards horizontally around the post. The boards will cover up any gaps between the post and the wall, which makes your home look more attractive and uniform. You can also use lattice to cover up any gaps between the post and wall if you want more privacy or to prevent children from getting hurt on sharp edges.

Box In Round Porch Columns

If you have round porch columns, you’ll need to build a box around them using wood planks or plywood. Start by cutting a piece of wood wide enough to fit around all of your posts, then screw it into place using screws or nails so that it overlaps each end of each post by about an inch or two. This will create an open space between each post so that air can circulate throughout your house during hot summers months without letting too much light in during colder winters months.

Old, weathered and worn out front porch columns can be a real eyesore. But they don’t have to be. All you need is a little ingenuity and some basic carpentry skills to refresh your entryway. You can build a box column over the existing post to cover it up and make it look like part of the house. Or, if you want to update your columns’ look, you can paint them or even change the shape or color of them.

There are several ways to build a box column over an existing post:

Make a simple frame out of 2x4s and attach it over the top of the post using screws or nails driven into pilot holes drilled through pre-drilled holes in the 2x4s

Use wood blocks as spacers between each 2×4 and fasten them together with glue and screws

Fasten 2×6 lumber horizontally at regular intervals between two vertical studs that extend out from either side of the existing post

The columns on your front porch can define the entire look of the house. If you want to make them look good, you need to start with a good foundation.


Building a box column is not as complicated as it sounds. It’s just another way to build a post and beam that has been around for hundreds of years.

A box column is made up of two pieces: The post, which goes into the ground, and a beam that spans between two posts. The only difference between this type of column and others is that the beam is at least partially enclosed by wood “siding” that runs along all four sides. This helps protect it from weather damage and gives it more visual appeal than an exposed beam would have.

The easiest way to add a box column is to build the box and then attach it to the post. The most common material for this type of column is 2x6s, but you could also use 4x4s.

The exact dimensions will depend on your project and what size lumber you have available. For example, if you are building from scratch and want a larger column, you could make the box 8″ deep and 12″ wide. If you are attaching a new box to an existing post, you’ll want to make sure that it matches the other posts on your porch (if any) so that everything looks uniform.

DIY Craftsman Style Porch Columns - Shades of Blue Interiors

To build this type of column:

1) Cut two 2x6s to length (or four pieces if using 4x4s). One piece needs to be as long as the distance from the front edge of your existing post to where you want the top edge of your new box column to be located (this will be referred to as “distance A”). The other piece needs to be as long as distance A plus 1/2″ (plus 1/4″ if using 4x4s) for each side of the box. This will be referred to as “distance B.” For example, if distance A

Front porch columns can be made from a variety of materials. The most common is wood, but you can also use metal, stone and even concrete. The style of your home will influence the kind of columns you choose for your front porch. For example, if you have an old house with an Arts-and-Crafts look, wood columns will be a good choice. If you have an older house with a Victorian style, metal or stone columns would be more appropriate.

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If your column is made of wood, it’s best to paint it or stain it before installing it on the house. This gives you several options for painting or staining later on if you decide to redecorate in the future. If your column is made of stone or concrete and you want it to match the rest of your house, it’s best not to paint or stain it until after installation because these materials need time to cure properly before they can withstand paint or staining chemicals without damage.

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