How to build a platform step

Platform building has helped me build my blog’s audience and reach over a million people. But I didn’t do it alone.

I’ve wanted to write an article on how to build a platform for a long time but I’ve always been scared of the backlash from people telling me it’s not possible. The first problem that springs to mind is the amount of time required in order to achieve this. What I mean by this is the sheer magnitude of the task and I hate anything that seems like a mammoth undertaking — especially when it’s something that only you can do. But even so, nothing great in life comes easy so if it was too easy to achieve then why would people even attempt it?DIY Stairs Outdoor Platform Design

How to build a platform step

Building a step is one of the more basic carpentry projects you can take on. It requires only simple tools and materials, and a few hours of your time. With just a little practice, you’ll be able to build any kind of step you want.

Tools: Hammer, tape measure, saw (hand), screwdriver, drill/driver and bits, pliers, level, chalk line, pencils (2).

Materials: 2×4 lumber (1×6 lumber can be used in place of 2×4), exterior-grade plywood or OSB (oriented strand board) for the treads, exterior-grade plywood for the stringers (optional), cement board (if installing tile on top).

Step 1:

The best way to build a step is to lay out the first piece of lumber. Set up your stringers in a straight line and then use a pencil or chalk to mark where each step will go.

Step 2:

Locate the center of each stringer for placement of the first step. Measure from the end of one stringer to the end of another, then divide by two. This distance is where you should place your first step.

Step 3:

Use a carpenter’s square to mark each stringer at both ends and then connect the dots with a pencil or chalk line. This will give you an easy-to-follow guide as you cut each piece of wood.How to Build a Simple Deck Step - YouTube

How to Build a Platform Step

Steps are an essential part of any deck or porch, but if you’re planning on building your own deck, you’ll need to know how to build steps. The process is fairly simple and straightforward, but there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind as you go along.

Materials Needed

The first thing you’ll need is materials. Here’s what you’ll need:

2x4s (for framing)

1/2-inch plywood (for the decking)

Screws or nails (to hold everything together)How to Build Steps Into Any Building

Lumber is cheap and easy to work with, so I recommend getting some 2x4s and cutting them down into smaller sections that are easier to handle. You can get away with using one board per step if you’re not worried about strength or aesthetics — just make sure it’s long enough so that it spans the distance between two upright posts. If it looks good and feels sturdy, then go for it!

If you’re looking for something more professional-looking, however, then check out our guide on how to build a platform step using 2x6s instead of 2x4s

Step 1: Build the Stringers

The first step in building a set of stairs is to build the stringers. Stringers are the main support structure for a set of stairs, and they serve as a guide for the rest of the framing process. If you have access to dimensional lumber, you can use 2x6s or 2x8s for your stringers. Otherwise, you will need to purchase dimensional lumber from a local home improvement store or lumberyard.

You can also use pressure-treated wood if you want your stairs to last longer outdoors.

Step 2: Attach the Stringers

Once you have built your stringers and cut them to size, it is time to attach them together with joist hangers and nails or screws. You will want to make sure that each stringer is level before attaching them together because this will ensure that they are straight when they are installed on your deck or porch.

Step 3: Build Your Stair Frame

Once your stringers are attached together, it’s time to build your stair frame by attaching two pieces of 2×6 lumber together with joist hangers as well as nails or screws. The top piece of lumber should be cut at an angle so that it aligns with your stringer

how to build 2 step box stairs

A platform step is a single-level step that is built off of the ground. It can be made from wood, concrete or masonry and is usually used on decks, patios or other areas where you want to give yourself a safe place to step up into.

Building a platform step requires several basic tools and materials. You’ll need to decide what type of material you want to use for your platform step and then calculate the size needed before getting started.

The first step in building a platform step is choosing the proper material for your project. Here are some common materials used for platform steps:

Concrete – Concrete is one of the most common materials used in building platforms because it’s easy to work with and offers many different design options. Concrete also provides a sturdy surface that won’t move as much as other materials when exposed to moisture or weather conditions. If you’re looking for an outdoor surface that will last for years, concrete may be the best option for you.

Masonry – Masonry is another popular choice for outdoor platforms because it’s very durable, but it does require more effort than concrete does when working with it. Masonry isn’t as

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