How to build a ramp over stairs for dog

Stairs are very tricky for dogs (and humans) to navigate in larger numbers with ease. Ramps make all the difference for pets with mobility issues and for families pushing strollers. This instructable will walk you step by step through the process of building a ramp structure over stairs.

Ramps are a beneficial accessory for dogs and handicapped people.  There are various ramps to choose from. I decided to put together the best of my collection and put them into this article for you.  There are some helpful tips so you know how to choose the right ramp for your pet or special person in need of assistance with getting in and out of the house or vehicle and they are;How to build a ramp over stairs for dog,how to make a dog ramp for stairs,dog ramp over stairs diy and how to build a dog ramp over existing steps.

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How to build a ramp over stairs for dog

There are many ways that you can build a ramp over stairs for your dog. This is the easiest and most affordable way to do it with some basic tools and materials.

Use whatever is handy to make a ramp over your stairs, because it doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated. The only requirement is that it is safe for your dog to use and does not fall down.

The cheapest material for making dog ramps is plastic sheeting from the hardware store, which comes in 6 foot by 10 foot lengths and costs about $15. It’s lightweight, flexible and durable enough for most dogs to walk on without tearing holes in it. You can also use plywood, lumber or other types of wood if you prefer something more sturdy but still easy to work with.

Tape two pieces together along one edge using duct tape so that they form one long piece about 3 feet wide and 24 feet long (about 1 meter by 7 meters). This will be long enough for almost any set of stairs including those with landings or turns. You may need more than one piece depending on the width of your stairs.

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how to make a dog ramp for stairs

Dog ramps are important for any dog owner. They allow your dog to get up and down from furniture or the bed without risking their health. Dogs can suffer from hip injuries if they jump down from high places, so it’s important to provide them with a safe way to get downstairs.

A DIY dog ramp is easy to make and can be personalized to fit your home. You can even make a dog ramp out of wood that matches the rest of your stairs! Here’s how:

Step 1: Measure the height of your stairs and cut 2 x 4 wood planks accordingly. You don’t need anything fancy – just cut them at 45-degree angles to form an incline ramp that is high enough for your pet to use comfortably.

Step 2: Screw each plank together using 1-inch screws on all four sides and then attach them to each other with more 1-inch screws about 2 feet apart along the length of each plank (you should have 3-4 screws per plank).

Step 3: Attach carpet or rubber matting to the top of each plank using carpet glue or staples.

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dog ramp over stairs diy

There are many ways to build a dog ramp over stairs. The one you choose will depend on your dog and the size of the staircase.

Build a Dog Ramp Over Stairs: Steps

Step 1: Measure the steps. The height of each step will determine how long your ramp needs to be. Make sure that the total length of the ramp is not longer than the distance between two steps.

Step 2: Build your frame. Use pressure-treated lumber or cedar if possible. Nail together the boards according to your measurements, using 2″ nails at least every 12 inches on each side of each board. Don’t forget to nail down any loose pieces of wood beneath them for extra support.

Step 3: Attach plywood to both sides of your frame with screws and wood glue so that it’s flush with the top edge of each step; this will form a solid surface for walking on with four feet instead of two feet at all times (unless you want to use stairs). This can be done by attaching two pieces per side, one piece on top and one underneath with 2″ nails placed in between where they meet or by attaching 4 pieces per side with only 2 nails per piece where they meet.

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how to build a dog ramp over existing steps

If you have a dog who needs a little help getting up or down the stairs, building him or her a ramp can make things much easier. You’ll find many different designs online to help you build your own DIY dog ramp. The most common materials used for these ramps are wood and metal. Both have their advantages, but we’ll focus on wood in this article because it’s easier to find and cheaper than metal.

To build your own staircase dog ramp, start by measuring your staircase and drawing out the dimensions on paper. Next, cut out two lengths of plywood that are each one foot longer than your longest section of stairs and two inches wider than the gap between steps at its widest point.

Sand down any rough edges on your plywood before attaching them to each other with nails or screws along their lengthwise edges so they form a rectangle with an open space between them that matches the width of your staircase.

Attach brackets to the top edge of both pieces of plywood so they will be able to support some weight on top of them without sagging too much under the weight load. Make sure they’re spaced evenly apart over both pieces of wood so that when someone steps on them.

This is a guide about building a dog ramp over existing steps.


1. Measure the height of your stairs.

2. Cut the boards to length, making sure they are long enough to extend past the end of your steps.

3. Nail or screw the boards together using plywood screws or decking screws. Note: If you’re using treated lumber, it may be best to use nails or screws with plastic or rubber tips so that they don’t damage the wood when you hammer them in (a hammer will work better than a drill).

4. Place the boards down on top of each other so that they line up with each step, making sure they overlap each other by 3 inches in order to prevent any tripping hazards for your pet (or yourself) when walking up and down the stairs with the ramp attached to them.

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