How to build a scissor lift for a dump trailer

Homemade Mini Loader Plans The dump trailer has been a work horse for years and is not going away any time soon. The best way to unload the trailer after you made your delivery is by using a scissor lift.

Mini loaders or loading ramps are a handy tool to have when you need to haul larger loads. They’re often used to dump trucks and other large vehicles. You can also use them as forklifts or hoists. However, if you’ve got a scissor lift, you can easily convert it into a mini loader by yourself.

How to build a scissor lift for a dump trailer

There are a lot of ways to build a scissor lift for a dump trailer. I have seen some really nice homemade scissor lifts and some pretty crappy ones.

Everything from the design of the base to the type of material used in construction makes a difference in how long your lift will last. Here are some tips on how to build a scissor lift that will last.

Homemade Mini Loader Plans, Winch Powered Scissor Lift

The first thing you need to decide on is if you want to use hydraulics or winches to power your scissor lift. Hydraulic systems are the easiest way to go, but they can get expensive if you don’t already have one lying around somewhere. If you do have one available, then using hydraulics for your project is probably your best bet.

If not, then using a winch system might be more affordable for your budget and easier to build as well. Winch powered scissor lifts tend to be lighter weight than hydraulic ones, so they’re easier to move around as needed without having any help from someone else nearby.

Homemade Mini Loader Plans

This is a simple design for a homemade mini loader. The video shows how to build the loader from scratch and you can find more information by visiting the link below.

The plans are available on

Scissor lift plans

Here is another design for a scissor lift that will allow you to lift your vehicle up and down. It makes use of a winch system to raise and lower the car, so if you don’t have access to electricity then this may be an option for you. This particular design is made out of steel, but there are plenty of other materials that could work as well.

I have had a couple requests to build a scissor lift for the dump trailer. I have always wanted to build one of these myself and will be doing a blog on it soon, but I thought I would share this design that I found online. It’s pretty simple and looks like it would work well. The guy who made it used a Harbor Freight winch, so if you have one of those lying around, it would be pretty cheap to make.

The main drawback is that there is no way to tilt the platform up and down. You have to manually raise and lower the whole thing by hand. This could be solved by adding some sort of hydraulic ram or something similar.

I’ve been wanting to build a scissor lift for the back of my dump trailer for a while now. I’ve been building them for other people and have had a few requests for plans.

This is how I did it, I used 2″ x 4″‘s, 2″ x 6″s, 1″ x 3″s and 3/4″ plywood.

I started by cutting all the boards to length and screwing them together. This was done before mounting anything on the trailer because some of the boards will be cut shorter later on.

11 Ton Hydraulic Scissor Hoist Kit | PH621-6 | Fits 16' - 20' Dump Beds

winch powered scissor lift

Hi, I wanted to share my mini loader plans with you. This is a project that I have been working on for several months now and it is finally finished. It has taken me many hours of hard work to make this project as good as I think it is but I am proud of the end result. I have built it so that it can be made with basic tools and parts that can be purchased at your local hardware store or online. Most of these parts are available in different sizes so that you can make your own custom size loader. You could even build a larger version if you want to by adding more beams and wheels etc (just remember that all these parts come in different sizes). As far as building goes this was my first time making anything like this so there were some mistakes along the way but nothing major and nothing that couldn’t be fixed. This unit only cost me around $200 dollars because I already had most of the materials laying around from previous projects so if you were to buy everything new it would probably cost about $300-$400 dollars depending on where you buy your parts from and what size equipment you decide on using.

This Homemade Mini Loader Plans is a DIY scissor lift made from wood, an old truck jack, and other materials. It’s powered by a winch and controlled by a remote control.

The idea behind this project was to build something that could be used to easily move heavy objects around the house or garage. I wanted something that would be easy to use, but also safe and durable.

In addition to being useful in the garage or workshop, this homemade mini loader plans can be used for moving large items around your home. If you have a lot of stuff stored in the attic or basement, this device might be just what you need to make moving boxes easier.

I built my own scissor lift because it was cheaper than purchasing one new from the store and it gave me something fun to do on weekends with my dad when we were kids

Homemade Mini Loader Plans

This is the most popular mini loader design I have seen on the internet so far. It uses a winch to power the scissor lift, which makes it a little more complicated than other designs, but it can also be made to be very powerful and reliable. The main downside of this type of mini loader is that you need to use at least two motors, one for each side of the lift. This means that your cost will increase by a factor of 2 if you want an electric motor instead of a pneumatic one. If you don’t mind using an air compressor, though, this is probably one of the best designs out there.

I think this design has many advantages over other homemade mini loaders:

It uses very simple and inexpensive parts (if you already have an air compressor).

It’s fairly easy and quick to build compared to other designs out there (if you already have an air compressor).

The scissor lift mechanism can be easily modified in order to make it work with different types of winches/motors (pneumatic/electric/hydraulic) or even multiple motors on each side of the lift if needed.

A mini loader is a type of vehicle that can be used to carry heavy loads. The mini loader is similar in many ways to the larger types of loaders, but it is smaller and much easier to operate. The smaller size makes it ideal for use on small farms and in residential areas.

Mini loaders are very popular with homeowners who have only a few yards of dirt or gravel to move around or who need help moving firewood. They are also great for landscaping companies that want to use them for lifting mulch or rock around their jobsite.

The Homemade Mini Loader Plans can be downloaded from this page or from the link below:

It’s the perfect project for a weekend warrior. You can make it with a few tools and some scrap wood, and then you’ll have an awesome piece of equipment.

This winch-powered scissor lift is built by Mark Smith, who runs a company called WoodSmithShop. The lift will help you carry heavy items up ladders or scaffolding without straining yourself.

The key feature of this lift is its ability to be operated with just one hand. That’s because the winch operates on pulleys that are connected to the machine via cables. You can adjust the tension on the cable to increase or decrease the amount of force needed to raise or lower the load.

The entire base of this machine is made from 2x4s and plywood, which makes it very sturdy. It also has wheels so that you can easily move it around your shop as needed.10 Ton Hydraulic Scissor Hoist Kit | PH520 - Fits 10' - 16' Dump Beds

Smith says this design could be used in many different ways: “You could build two units with different lengths [of] legs and use them as a workbench extension; build one unit with longer legs and use it as a workbench; use it as an RV jack stand; use them as gooseneck trailers; or even use them as heavy duty jacks for

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