How to build a shave horse

Many of you may not know what the majority of these items are. But I bet you have seen a shave horse before. I am going to show you how to build one and why they are so useful in the shop.

A shave horse is a wooden work surface used to hold wood at a right angle while being worked with hand tools. Many faces have been shaved using one of these. They generally consist of two runners in the form of two adjustable “sleds” attached to a strong central frame, with a cross bar for clamping the work piece at the desired height.

How to build a shave horse

A shaving horse is a tool used for hoof trimming and shoeing horses. It’s a device that holds the hoof in place while you use a farrier’s rasp or other type of file to remove excess hoof wall. If you’re going to work on your own horses, it’s well worth the effort of building your own shave horse.

Build a Traditional Shaving Horse

The traditional shaving horse has two parts: the base and the leg vise. The base is simply two sawhorse-style legs that are joined together at the top by a crossbar. The leg vise consists of two arms that extend from either side of the base and hold the horse’s leg in place by using a strap or rope around the top of the leg.

To build this type of horse, all you need is some sturdy wood and some basic carpentry tools such as a hammer, screwdriver and saw. You’ll also need some nails (or screws), screws (if using screws) and possibly some glue depending on how much detail you want in your project.

How to build a shave horse

Use this guide to build your own shaving horse. This classic tool is used for shaving and dressing wood. If you need to shape or smooth a piece of wood, building a shave horse will make the job much easier. The simple design makes it easy to make and use, even for beginners. Plus, it’s fun!


2×4 lumber (1)

2×4 lumber (1)

2×4 lumber (2)

The best way to build a shave horse is by using a traditional design. This style is one of the most common and versatile styles of horse, and it’s easy to build yourself.

Multi-Function Shavehorse | Woodworking Project | Woodsmith Plans

Here are some tips for making your own:

Step 1: Cut two 2-by-4s (or 2-by-6s) into rectangular pieces that are about 4 feet long by 18 inches wide.

Step 2: Cut four 1-by-2s into rectangular pieces that are about 3 feet long by 12 inches wide.

Step 3: Position one long 2-by-4 about 8 inches from the end of one short 2-by-4 so that they’re parallel with each other, then clamp them together with C clamps or “L” clamps. Attach them together with nails, screws or bolts — whatever works best in your situation. Make sure they’re secured well enough that they won’t move around when you’re working on them later on!

Step 4: Position another long 2-by-4 on top of the first pair so that it’s parallel with them, then clamp it down in place as well using more C clamps or “L” clamps. Attach this piece in the same way as the previous two

A shave horse is a workbench that allows the woodworker to hold wood in place while he or she uses hand tools, such as a drawknife, to shape it. Shave horses have been used since the 18th century and are still popular today.

Shaving horse plans are available at several websites, which also sell pre-assembled shave horses. The plans are fairly easy to follow, although some of them require special tools or skills that might not be available on a limited budget.

If you want to build your own shave horse from scratch, here is what you will need:

A clamp with a swivel base

An adjustable bench vise

Lumber for the frame (2 x 4s or 2 x 6s)

A hacksaw blade

A table saw blade guard (optional)

How to Build a Shave Horse

A shave horse is an invaluable tool for any woodworker, and they’re easy to build. Here’s how to make your own.

Build Your Own Shave Horse

You can build a shave horse in an afternoon and have it ready for use the next day. The basic design of a shave horse is simple: two legs with a wooden top that supports an adjustable vice-like clamp called the dog. A tail vise or holdfast holds the workpiece in place while it’s being carved or planed.

 Cut Your Legs

Start by cutting two leg pieces from 2x4s using a power miter saw or circular saw and miter box (see Tips). Mark one end of each leg piece at 3 inches from one corner, then make another mark at about 15 inches from that same corner (see Photo 1). Use your tape measure as a guide for these marks and be sure to keep them straight side to side so that your leg will be square when it’s installed on the baseboard. Then cut off this 15-inch section with a handsaw (Photo 2).

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How to Make a Shaving Horse

The traditional shaving horse is a versatile tool that can be used for many tasks around the farm. It’s essentially a stool with an adjustable clamping jaw, because it’s easier to clamp down on something when you’re sitting down.

Shaving horses can be used for many different jobs:

– Shaping wood: You can use a shave horse to shape wood for furniture or other crafts. It’s especially useful for shaping curved pieces of wood, such as chair backs and legs.

– Breaking horses: If you have an unbroken horse or pony, you can use a shaving horse to break it to saddle and bridle. This works best if the animal has been blindfolded first so it can’t see what’s coming next! The horse must be tied firmly in place, otherwise it may struggle too much and hurt itself. It helps if there are two people working together at this stage — one person holding the horse still while another uses the shaving horse to remove any excess hair from its back and hindquarters.

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