How to make a roof for a tree stump fairy house

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to build a fairy house for the fairies in your yard, you’ll love my tutorial on how to make a roof for a tree stump fairy house.

Since the author was a child, she loved fairy tales and tried to imagine how different castles and houses looked. She read about princesses and the palaces in which they lived. One day she decided to create her own fairy world. This was very exciting and wonderful. Though, she didn’t have any idea what kind of house would fit the fairies living there. That’s why she found this wonderful tutorial on how to make a roof for a tree stump fairy house!

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How to make a roof for a tree stump fairy house

This is a great project for kids to do with their parents. It’s fun, educational and can provide hours of enjoyment once it’s finished. In this article we’ll show you how to make a roof for your fairy house. The method we use here is super simple and while it doesn’t look as professional as some of the other roofs shown on our site, it will work just fine if you want something quick and easy that won’t break the bank.

If you need help with any other parts of this project, including how to build the walls or how to decorate your fairy house then please visit our full tutorial page which has lots of useful information about how to build your own houses!

What You Will Need

To make this roof you will need:

– Cardboard or thin plywood (depending on whether or not you want insulation) – these materials are very cheap so don’t be afraid to experiment with different thicknesses until you get the desired result!

– Rope/twine – this is what we have used but you could use anything from string to cotton thread depending on what looks good. If using rope/twine then make sure it is strong enough to hold its shape when

How to make a roof for a tree stump fairy house

1. Cut out a circle from cardboard or construction paper and glue it to the top of the stump.

2. Using a ruler, draw lines around the circle with a pencil; this will be your guide for cutting.

3. Cut out the circle using scissors or an exacto knife; you can leave some extra space around the edge for overlapping flaps or tabs if you want to attach it to something else like I did with my cardboard roof, but you can also just glue it down flat on top of your stump.

4. Use scissors or an exacto knife to cut small slits all around the perimeter of your roof so that they’ll fold over like tabs when you glue them down on top of each other (see photo).

5. Glue down one side at a time starting at one end until they’re all attached together in a dome shape (see photo).

Make a roof for the fairy house by cutting out a rectangle from the straw. The edges should be curved to match the top of the stump.

Next, fold one side of the straw over onto itself and glue it down with hot glue. Then, fold in the opposite side and glue that down as well. Repeat this step on all four sides until you have a closed box with no flaps sticking out.

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Then, cut off any excess straw that’s sticking out at this point so that it fits perfectly into your tree stump fairy house!

Here is a simple way to make a roof for your fairy house.

You will need:

a piece of cork bark or cork floor tile

a craft knife

a pencil or pen

a ruler, if you prefer to use one.

Step 1: Cut the roof and door

Cut a rectangle out of the top of the stump. This will be your roof. Use a saw, or if you have one, a jigsaw or power drill with a woodcutting blade. The rectangle should be big enough to allow room for your little visitors to come inside. For example, if you want them to be able to stand up inside, cut out enough room for three or four inches of space on all sides of the stump. If you want them to sit down comfortably, cut out only one inch of space on all sides.

Next, cut a door in the side of your stump. This should be about two inches tall by four inches wide — just big enough for your fairies to squeeze through but not too big that they’ll fall out when it rains!

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Step 2: Paint and decorate your tree house

Your tree house is ready for decoration! The easiest way to do this is to paint it with acrylic craft paint in whatever colors you like most (we recommend bright colors). If you’re feeling ambitious, try adding stickers or decals on top of your painting — we used some stickers from our favorite fairy books (The Very Fairy Princesses and The Fairy Tale Detectives) as well as some

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