How to make a scalextric track

know how to make a scalextric track, have learn and studied from the scalextric track designer, scalextric track team drivers, scalextric track layouts, scalextric race car ,scalextric slot cars. The designer took the time to make sure that the track optimized for you , You design your dream layout, just like changing any track or config it’s with the new 3D Scalextric Designer app.

The track you see on this page is the result of many weeks of research, writing and testing. I came up with a simple and easy way to design scalextric track layouts. No drawing skills required!

How to make a scalextric track

Scalextric has a very good track designer which you can use to design your own tracks. You can then download the design in pdf format, print it out and build it. I have used this myself and found it to be pretty good. The only thing that I did not like about it was that it did not have an option to have multiple laps on the same piece of track. It would have been nice if you could have made a bend and then had a straight section before making another bend etc. This would allow you to make longer tracks with more than one lap.

Scalextric is a slot car racing system which has been manufactured by Scalextric International Ltd, a company based in England. The original idea for the toy came from two doctors, who wanted to make a game that could be played with two people, each using their own cars.

Scalextric is considered to be one of the most successful and popular brands of toy cars in the world.[1] Scalextric has been sold in 35 countries worldwide and over 1 billion models have been produced since it was first introduced in 1954.[2] The Scalextric name comes from the fact that the cars are about half the size of normal cars.[3]

The first Scalextric sets were made by Jack Odell and his father, John,[4] who founded Scalextric Limited on 15 January 1954.[5] They started making model racing cars out of cardboard but soon moved on to wood then plastic. The first plastic models were made in 1956 when they created a new company called Model Cars Limited.[6] Their first commercially available set was released in 1957 and consisted of a green track with three loops and six brass-coloured cars.[7][8]

The first official Scalextric set was released on 18 March 1958[9] at

Scalextric is a brand of slot car racing sets produced by Tri-Ang Industries Ltd. The company was formed in 1957 and is currently owned by Hornby Hobbies, which also owns the rival Scalextric Digital brand of slot car racing sets.Warehouse worker, 53, spends £10,000 building 165ft Scalextric track at his  home | Daily Mail Online

Scalextric is best known for its 1:32 scale slot car racing tracks, but also produces 1:24 and 1:18 scale models as well as accessories for other brands of slot car racing sets such as Dinky Toys.


The original Scalextric set was designed by Marklin in 1954, but production was transferred to Great Britain when Tri-Ang acquired Marklin’s parent company Airfix in 1967. The early cars were hand made by craftsmen at the Airfix factory until the early 70s when they were replaced with injection moulded bodies made in Hong Kong. In 1973, Tri-Ang purchased another German company called Minimodell (MM) and transferred production of the older type Scalextric cars to MM’s factory in Germany. In 1987, Tri-Ang sold MM to Tamiya Corporation who continued making cars until 1990 when they sold it back to Tri-Ang who now produce them in China instead of Hong Kong or mainland Europe as before.

Scalextric is a brand of slot car racing systems designed and manufactured by the British company Scalextric International Ltd. It was introduced in the United Kingdom in 1956, although its first use was in France in 1955; it became popular in Britain during the 1960s when it was marketed as a children’s toy.

The Scalextric set consists of a slick pair of rails embedded into a foam backing board and an array of cars (initially made from plastic, more recently from die-cast metal) that can be fit onto these rails. The cars have magnets attached to their undersides which pick up metal strips embedded in the track, allowing them to ‘drive’ along it. Each car has a spring-loaded motor that turns the wheels when current is applied via the rails.

Scalextrics are controlled by an electric controller, which allows for different settings such as acceleration, deceleration and power curve. The controllers were traditionally sold separately from the tracks, but now come included with most sets.

The first Scalextric sets were produced by Tri-ang Railways Ltd., who went on to become Triang-Hornby group (THG). In October 2005 THG was acquired by Hornby

Scalextric is a brand of slot car racing sets, now owned by Hornby. Scalextric was founded in 1957 by inventor and electrician Frank Gagliano, who began his hobby with a simple wire track and a single battery-powered car.

In the 1960s and 1970s Scalextric was popular in Britain, but it lost its place in the market to cheaper alternatives such as the competing Auto Union set made by German company Trix. In 1999 Hornby Hobbies acquired the licence to manufacture Scalextric products from Lesney Products, who had previously acquired the rights when they purchased Gagliano’s company in 1987.

Scalextric is currently based at a facility near Leicester, Leicestershire.

scalextric track layout for sale

Scalextric Track Plans. Scalextric is the world’s leading manufacturer of slot car racing products. We have been making Scalextric models since 1956 and our latest range of Scalextrics feature the latest in technology including LED light kits and our exclusive interactive Scalextric Digital app! The scale of miniature racing cars and tracks has always been a very personal choice with some drivers preferring the finer details of 1:43 scale while others prefer to use larger models like 1:32 or even 1:24 scale. However there is no doubt that one of the most popular scales used by Scalextrics collectors is 1:32 scale. There is something very special about this size because it gives you just enough detail to make your model look realistic but not so much that it becomes too difficult to handle.

Scalextric track designer, scalextric track layouts, scalextric racing track, scalextric layout.

Scalextric is the world’s most famous electric slot car range that has been thrilling race fans since 1964. The original Scalextric sets are still going strong and there are many different track layouts to suit all ages and abilities.

The Scalextric starter set contains a racing circuit with two cars and two controllers. You can also choose from a selection of cars and tracks to build your own customised racing set up.

Scalextric has been developed over the years to become an exciting hobby for all ages. It’s great fun for kids because it helps them learn about cause and effect, as well as developing their hand-eye coordination skills. Adults love it too because it’s great entertainment at parties or events where you can challenge friends or family members head-to-head on equal terms!

The Scalextric starter set contains everything you need for hours of fun – just add batteries! The cars have built-in gears so they can reach speeds of up to 30mph (48km/h). They’re powered by electricity through the controller which features a trigger button on top that releases a spring mechanism inside the car which propels it forward

The Scalextric track designer is a tool that allows you to plan your own track layouts and share them with the scalextric community. You can even use our track planner to design your own track layouts for free!

You can use our free scalextric track layout designer to plan your own unique scalextric tracks. Use our free tool to create a blueprint of your dream circuit and share it with other scalextric fans.

If you want a starter set, then we recommend the Scalextric Starter Set Classic – 3 Car Set which contains three 1:32 scale cars and one 2 lane racing track. The cars are designed to look like classic sports cars and they’re great fun to race against each other!

Scalextric Track Designer

Scalextric Track Designer is a free tool that allows you to design your own Scalextric track layouts. You can choose from the existing Scalextric track pieces or create new ones, and then arrange them on the canvas in any way you want.

It’s easy to use, just drag and drop the pieces onto the canvas and position them where you like. You can also rotate them if necessary. The software will automatically calculate the required number of pieces needed for your design, so all that’s left for you to do is print out the resulting PDF file!Slot Mods 1:32 Scale Slot Car Raceways - Slot Track Pro

Scalextric track layouts are a great way to build your own race track. If you are not sure where to start or what scalextric track layout designs might work best for your needs, then this article should help.

For those who have never built a scalextric track before, it can seem like a daunting task. However, with some basic planning and knowledge of the process, anyone can build their own scalextric track layout.

The first thing to do is decide what type of race car you want to use with the scalextric track layout. The next step is to decide how many laps you want each driver to complete before finishing the race.

After this, you need to measure out the length of your chosen track and then mark out a start/finish line as well as any other obstacles such as hills or chicanes that may be added later on in the process.

The next phase is actually building the actual pieces that make up your scalextric track layout including curves and straights which will be joined together by smaller pieces called rail joints that act like glue between individual pieces of rail when they are joined together correctly. These joints come in different sizes depending on whether they are being used within a straight section of rail or within

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