How to build a deck on a jon boat

One of the most important things when you’re jon boating is to make sure that your gear and bag are stowed safely, but in a way you can quickly access them. To accomplish this, I bought an anchor trolley and a removable casting deck that goes on top of the front seat for easy access to my gear. Here’s how I made it…

Fishing from the bank and like to keep all the tools organized? Then I’ve got an awesome DIY project that you’re going to love! This modular jon boat deck is not only functional but also attractive. You can customize it any way you want. There are a number of reasons why you should consider building this jon boat deck kit, removable casting deck for jon boat. The most obvious is, if you have a jon boat and don’t have enough space in your house or on the bank, this is the solution for you.

How to build a deck on a jon boat

The easiest way to build a deck on your jon boat is with a kit. These kits are made from polyethylene, which is a heavy-duty plastic that won’t rot or crack. The deck also has aluminum rails and mounting hardware.

The removable casting deck for jon boat is another option. This type of deck looks like an aluminum top rail with built-in storage compartments. You can install it yourself by attaching it with screws along the bottom edge of your boat.

The last type of kit is called the flush mount deck for jon boat. This type of kit attaches directly to the bottom of your jon boat so you don’t have any gaps between the two surfaces at all.

The easiest way to add a fishing deck or casting platform to your boat is with a jon boat deck kit. These kits come in various sizes and styles, and can be mounted on the bow or stern of the boat. They easily attach to your boat using existing hardware, so they’re simple to install.

Jon boat deck kits are available in many different styles. Some have a removable casting deck that can be easily removed when you don’t need it, while others are more permanent and require more work to install.

You should also look at whether the kit comes with mounting hardware or if you need to purchase that separately. Some kits have all of the necessary hardware included, while others require additional parts that must be purchased separately.37 Best Jon Boat Mods with Ideas for Decking, Seats, Fishing & Hunting

If you’re looking for a way to make your jon boat more stable and comfortable for fishing or just relaxing, then you need to install a deck. These kits are available from many sources and come with everything you need to get the job done.

The first thing you need to do is decide how big of a deck you want. There are several different sizes available, but it all depends on how much room you want to be able to use. These kits are very easy to install, so even if you have never worked with wood before, it should be no problem for you.

Once you’ve got the kit installed on your boat, it’s time to start fishing. Your jon boat will now have plenty of space for casting and reeling in fish while keeping them out of the water until they’re ready to be cleaned and cooked up later on!

The most common way to build a deck on a jon boat is with a kit. You can find kits online or at your local hardware store. They typically include everything you need to build the deck, including the frame, railings and other accessories. The only thing that you’ll need to provide is the actual wood to make the deck.

The kit will come with instructions on how to build the deck, which should be very easy if you’re handy with tools or have some DIY experience. Most people can build their own jon boat decks in just a few hours without any prior knowledge of carpentry or construction work.

If you don’t feel like building your own jon boat deck from scratch, there are companies that sell pre-built decks for boats like this one ( These decks are made from high-quality materials and come with all the necessary hardware for installation so that all you have to do is screw them into place on your boat’s hull and enjoy fishing!

Jon boat decks can be a great addition to your boat. They provide a great place to fish from and can be easily removed when not needed. Since jon boats are small, the deck needs to be light weight.Boat Makeover: Complete overhaul - Bassmaster

The main thing you will need for this project is some fiberglass resin and hardener. You will also need some fiberglass cloth tape and fibreglass cloth mesh netting. These items can be found at any marine supply store or even Walmart.

First, you will have to remove the seats from your jon boat and cut off any extra wood that sticks up above the gunnel (the top edge). Then, using a utility knife and straightedge ruler, mark out where you want the deck to go on top of the gunnels of your boat.

Next, using a 3″ hole saw drill bit, drill holes in each corner where you marked out your deck location on the gunnels of your boat. Make sure to drill down through both layers (bottom layer is 1/8″ plywood) so that there are no gaps between them when you later attach them together with screws or bolts.

Now sand down all sides of your jon boat until all sharp edges are gone and smooth out any rough spots or dents until it

Jon boat deck kit

Boat Makeover: Complete overhaul - Bassmaster

This is a good question and one that we get asked all the time. The answer is simple. Check out this Jon Boat Deck Kit for Jons that can be installed in less than 30 minutes!

The Jon Boat Deck Kit comes with everything you need to throw it on your jon boat and get out there! The only thing you will need is a drill and some basic tools. The kit comes with 4 bow mounts that have been designed to fit any jon boat with no modifications or drilling necessary! You also get 2 stern mounts so that you can choose where you want them mounted on your jon boat. The bow mounts are perfect for mounting rod holders, live wells, or whatever else you might want off the back of your boat! You can even use them as storage compartments by mounting them on top of each other! The stern mounts are great for adding a trolling motor, fish finder or depth finder transducer if desired.


The removable casting deck for jon boats is a nice option. It’s a great way to get started fishing without having to buy a whole new boat. It’s also nice if you want to go out on the water with friends but don’t want to take up all the space in your boat.

This deck can be used with most jon boats and it comes with everything you need to install it right out of the box. You’ll get a mounting kit, tie downs and even a storage bag so you can keep your gear organized while you’re out on the water.

This is just one of many different options available from Sportsman’s Guide.

The Jon Boat Deck Kit is an easy to install replacement for the factory casting deck. It is made of marine grade plywood and comes with mounting hardware. It is designed to fit most jon boats with a flat deck and has a removable center section making it easy to jump in the boat and fish.

This is a great way to get your feet wet in the world of fishing, and it will give you an opportunity to learn about different types of fishing equipment before you make any big investments.

The JB-50 Casting Deck Kit is a great addition to your jon boat. This trailering kit allows you to safely transport your boat on your trailer without the worry of damaging the hull or deck. The JB-50 Casting Deck Kit is made from high quality materials and will last for years. The JB-50 Casting Deck Kit includes everything you need to complete the installation. A step-by-step instruction manual is included with every kit, making it easy for anyone to install by themselves.

The JB-50 Casting Deck Kit includes:

A thick, durable vinyl casting deck with unique diamond plate texture

A pair of 3″ stainless steel cleats that are mounted on the front and back of the casting deck for securing downhauls and other accessories

A pair of 10′ x 1/4″ diameter anodized aluminum downhauls (2 per side)

A set of four stainless steel mounting hardware fasteners with nuts and lock washers

The casting deck is the perfect addition to your Jon boat. It allows you to comfortably stand up and fish while keeping your feet dry.

The casting deck is a removable deck that installs over the existing bench seat with no drilling or tools required. The casting deck can be easily removed when not in use.

The casting deck kit includes everything you need for easy installation:

two-piece fiberglass casting deck,

two-piece mounting bracket with hardware,

and instructionsBuilding a deck on your mobile home can be as easy and inexpensive as using a mobile home deck kit. A mobile home deck kit comes with all the parts you need to create a strong and sturdy deck.

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